Lauren recently had her hair cut so she could donate it to a wig-making charity. She was slightly nervous about it, but has ended up with a rather fetching ‘Rachel’ that she really likes.


We’ve had recent reports and parents evenings, and I’m happy to report that everyone is on course. Lauren is currently deep into revision for GCSEs, as well as figuring out what college to go to (probably Barton Peveril Sixth Form College) and what to study (a selection from Art, History, Psychology, Eng Lit and Graphics). She’s doing a tremendous job of taking revision seriously, as well as supporting her friends’ revision. It does mean we get some interesting questions, for example when she just asked me “Can you explain the Military Industrial Complex to me pretty simply?”

Sam is currently figuring out his GCSE options. Three sciences, geography, computing, stats, and graphics are the likely choices. No language, which we’ve thought a lot about, but he doesn’t enjoy French and (shocking admission here) I don’t value it the way it’s taught at schools, so no language.

Summer Holidays

…except we’re not actually going anywhere this year. In a foolish moment we said we’d stay home this year and save up for a trip to California next year, and boy has Lauren been holding us to that. So we’re having a staycation, planning a few day trips but otherwise staying home and replacing the driveway. I’m not sure the kids understand how involved they’ll be in that project, but they soon will be.