Summer Holidays

…except we’re not actually going anywhere this year. In a foolish moment we said we’d stay home this year and save up for a trip to California next year, and boy has Lauren been holding us to that. So we’re having a staycation, planning a few day trips but otherwise staying home and replacing the driveway. I’m not sure the kids understand how involved they’ll be in that project, but they soon will be.

Work Experience

Lauren is currently in the second week of a two-week placement at the excellent Potion Pictures. It’s been a bit of an eye-opener for her – you have to stay at work for like 8 hours at a time, and you don’t change what you’re doing every hour! – but a great experience. She’s done some work on a US TV show, as well as on an invite for a company event, and seems to be enjoying it (except for the issues mentioned above).


Unbelievably my tiny infant daughter is starting to consider colleges and A-level options. We visited Barton Peveril college last night, which seems an excellent place where Lauren would do well. It’s rather different to when I was at school (get off my lawn!) and you went to the sixth form of whatever school you were at – this college has a fleet of buses collecting kids from miles away. Current possibilities include some form of Art, some form of English, Psychology, Philosophy, and History (Art is definite, then she’ll need two more, maybe 3)